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... You see a strange, pink frog-like thing blocking the path.


I'm a weird little creature with a penchant for making weird little creatures. If you enjoy weird creatures, then you might have a friend in me.




Project Jauntstream


I have a Discord server called PLANET SCREMP, we like to talk about creatures and creature-related things as well as share creatures and worlds of our own. If you wanna get in touch with me or you wanna chat with some of the pals, it's the place to be.

Check it out!!

What's New

  • Hello everyone again! Been working quite silently on a game. But no more! For now, it will simply be called Project Jauntstream (my good friend Butte came up with that), a game about travelling the galaxy, communicating with aliens, and piloting transforming mechs.
  • Long time since I've done something proper with this thing. Work and life can really get in the way of things, not to mention my own penchant for starting too many projects at once. Nevertheless, there's more art in the art gallery, and the website has been refactored a little bit. There should no longer be problems with content spilling out when the window is smaller. This also has the side-effect of making the website a tad bit more mobile-friendly, which is a funny coincidence.
  • New art and new changes to the graphics on the website here and there. I got a new software called Pixel Composer which is hella good for graphics, GIFs in particular. I'll make sure to do a write-up for it on the Cool Software page.
    Also, there's now a link to my creature-focused discord server! Then again, you've probably already seen it if you've scrolled down this far.
  • New Writings page. A virtual diary/sketchbook of sorts, in the sense that it has doodles on the margins... Also made a new animated button!
  • Made a demo for my game, Enmity Tower. It's a game about an alien civilization visiting Earth, building a ginormous tower, and then screwing off to another planet and leaving humanity in shambles. The demo is pretty barebones(I had to scrap half of the content I made halfway through making it) but the vibe is somewhat there.
  • Updated the art gallery EVEN MORE! It's now much smoother and has everything sorted into categories!
  • Updated the art gallery! It now has more of a gridlike look. Maybe it's better, maybe it's worse. I don't know.
  • New art, various car-men by SKRANGCORPâ„¢. I've been watching quite a bit of mecha anime recently, and it's led me to a more robotic drawing mood, and I like practicing my robot design muscle!
  • New art, Escape From Petcru Base B74. It took SOOOO LONG!!
    Slowly working on the Scrookipedia. It's not updated yet, but it will be soon! Same goes for the comic.
  • New art, Mortisorg The Living Savepoint.
  • Started new "Cool Software" page. It has some cool software I use when I'm making stuff, be it for the website or for game development. Still under construction!
    ALso added new buttons to the side for websites I really like :) if you see your button on there, first of all HIIIII and second of all you're really cool! Also I can't believe all this time I called buttons "banners." That's crazy. Let's just say it's an old web thing and call it a day.
  • playing fricking grimecraft
  • I heard looking at plants can help calm you down. I don't know the veracity of that, but it wouldn't hurt to have some greenery around here, so I added some plants to the left side of the screen. They might be temporary, since they clash with the rest of my website a little bit. I changed the blend mode of the splash texture in the background for now, even though I love the in-your-face-ness of the bright green that it was before. Let me know what you think, I guess?
  • Figuring out some Javascript basics. I would like to use as little Javascript as possible on this site if I can, since I don't want my site to break when someone blocks it.
  • Reordered this list.

    There's a new Panewker page out. I'm slowly getting work on it done and it's turning out pretty good(then again I'm not the one who gets to decide that.) Check it out and keep an eye out for new pages.
  • Started work on the Scrookipedia, an encyclopedia about my worldbuilding project, Scrooks. Also added a Ko-fi button! Hopefully this has made it easier for those who want to support what I do.
  • Minor CSS fixes.
  • Started this little update log thingy. Updated About Me page. Updated Art Gallery. Added some cool fricking banners!!!

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