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About Me


I'm Scroogie, but you know that. I'm a guy that loves strange creatures and cool monsters, and I want to share that love with the world. I'm trying to make it out there with my creature-focused art one way or another.

I got the idea to make this website out of the blue when I remembered that neocities existed. Normally I would think "that's cool but i'll never be able to get the hang of coding a website" but I had already been getting into gamedev stuff for a couple years at that point... so I spent the next couple of months checking out cool sites both old and new, and the concept of essentially having complete control over how I am presented online made me go AWOOGAWEEGAWOAHBRO!!! and then website.

I'm no HTML/CSS wizard, but I try to at least make my stuff look somewhat pretty.

Stuff I'm into

  • spec-bio/spec-evo
  • tokusatsu and kaiju stuff
  • mecha anime
  • drum n' bass
  • breakcore to some extent
  • kidcore music and aesthetics
  • foss software

Stuff I like doing

  • drawing
  • storytelling
  • gamedev
  • graphic design/logo design

These lists are incomplete at the moment, I might reformat them at some point, or make a dedicated "interests" page.

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